Down To The Last Chicken

“Mom, what should we have for supper?” I looked up from my project, glanced into the curious face of the one asking the question, and smiled.  A fragrant soup simmered on the stove for lunch, but this daughter was already thinking ahead to the next meal.  She knew of my propensity for getting involved in... Continue Reading →

When Life Fractures All Around

Surrender. You have probably seen this word before, but have you noticed what word is tucked into the middle of surrender? Sur - REND - er. According to, the word rend comes from an old English, Germanic word rendan and the Frisian word renda. It has two forms, the verb and the noun.  The... Continue Reading →

Everything You Need

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness…2. Peter 1:3 (NIV, 1984) Like a needle on a compass pointing to magnetic north, these words had continuously arrested my eyes, captured the musings of my mind, and magnetized the meditations of my soul for five consecutive days.  Every time I attempted... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Space

Is God lazy? Perhaps this is an odd question to ask, but it was the one that rang in my mind as I sat at the table in the early morning comparing my schedule with the God recorded for himself in Genesis 1. I was in the process of contemplating how to structure the short... Continue Reading →

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