When Mountains Block Your Path

“You want me to go through that?” my voice squeaked with bewilderment.  “That’s impossible.” “Did I say you had to go through it?” the Lamb questioned. “Well, no,” I stuttered.  “But there is no way around it!” The Lamb looked at me. “Did I say I wanted you to go around it?” “Well, no,” I... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

A mother reaches into a basket with weary hands and counts out five small loaves of bread and then takes hold of two fish leftover from supper the previous night. She places them into a small bucket, hands the lunch to her son, and smiles as the bucket thumps her back when his small arms... Continue Reading →

When Dry Bones Dance

Can you imagine receiving an invitation to go on an afternoon drive to a valley - Filled with dry bones? Granted the option, I might look for an excuse to decline, but in doing so, I would miss the opportunity to see the day… Dry bones danced! While I have not witnessed such a sight,... Continue Reading →

The Cold Silence

A vast, white wasteland covers the landscape in front of me.  Desolate.  Barren.  Void of life.  In the distance, I hear a cold breath of wind snake through the stiff beams of frozen trees and watch as its tentacles, laced with snow, blow across the panorama held in winter’s icy grip.  I have only a... Continue Reading →

space to heal

It’s kind of crazy how quickly things can change, isn’t it?  One moment life is headed one direction, and the next a force strikes our lives, the ripples of which impact us - sometimes for years after the event has taken place. For me, it was a walk With another person that ended with a... Continue Reading →

Down To The Last Chicken

“Mom, what should we have for supper?” I looked up from my project, glanced into the curious face of the one asking the question, and smiled.  A fragrant soup simmered on the stove for lunch, but this daughter was already thinking ahead to the next meal.  She knew of my propensity for getting involved in... Continue Reading →

When Life Fractures All Around

Surrender. You have probably seen this word before, but have you noticed what word is tucked into the middle of surrender? Sur - REND - er. According to etymonline.com, the word rend comes from an old English, Germanic word rendan and the Frisian word renda. It has two forms, the verb and the noun.  The... Continue Reading →

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