In the beginning.  In the formlessness.  In the void.  In the emptiness.  In the darkness.  Over the surface of deep waters.

God was there. 

Hovering.  Shivering with anticipation.  Delighting in his divine plan.  Cherishing the creation that would soon unfurl by the power of his word. 

In the beginning, within God’s divine purpose…

Silence was not a trial.  Emptiness was not a punishment to be endured.  Darkness was not the result of judgment.  Deep waters were not something to be feared. 

In the silence, there was space for God to speak.  In the emptiness, there was room for God’s divine plan to unfold.  In the darkness, there was a place for him to bring forth light.  In the deep waters, there was room for him to split the waters and create an atmosphere in which the breath of life could exist. 

In the hands of God, the silence, emptiness, darkness, and deep waters can become…

A place of beginning. To live.

A place of light.  To see.

A place of space.  To breathe.

The words written above are the thoughts I recorded in my journal as I contemplated the gift of space. So often, times of silence, emptiness, darkness, and deep waters cause me to doubt God’s care and love for me. As I reflected on the verses in the first chapter of Genesis, I came to understand that these events can actually be times that are divinely designed so that I can step out of the rat race of performance and expectation, and step into a place in which I can live and breathe as one who is loved. Valued. Treasured.

In God’s divine space, there is light to see the one who delights in me, space to breathe in the air given by the one who sings over me, and silence to hear the one who calms my fears with his love (Zephaniah 3:17).

In the silence. In the emptiness. In the darkness. Over the deep waters. The Spirit of God is there. In his almighty and purposeful hands, somehow the silence, emptiness, darkness, and deep waters become places in which he is able to work all things together for good and his glory.

In the silence, there is a quietness so I can hear God speak. In the emptiness, there is room for his divine plan to unfold. In the darkness, there is a place for him to bring forth light. In the deep waters, God is able to split them and create an atmosphere in which he gives me the space to breathe and to live.

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