His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness…2. Peter 1:3 (NIV, 1984)

Like a needle on a compass pointing to magnetic north, these words had continuously arrested my eyes, captured the musings of my mind, and magnetized the meditations of my soul for five consecutive days.  Every time I attempted to move forward to the words and verses that followed, the Holy Spirit brought me back to these thirteen words.

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness.

Observing movement in the perimeter of my vision, I lifted my eyes from the text and noticed a cloud of dust trailing a red truck that sped up the country road towards our ranch.  In the moments that remained before the visitor arrived, my gaze returned to words before me, and I wondered if God was showing me a truth that I would need in the days ahead.  My mind traced the outline of events that I thought would soon be our reality.  Jenn, our oldest daughter, would be celebrating her high school graduation in a few days.  After this event, our family planned to spend a full month at a wilderness trail riding camp that we volunteer at each summer. 

A frantic knock interrupted my thoughts.  Rising from the table, I breathed a prayer, asking God the question that continued to percolate in my thoughts. 

“Father, what is it you want to show me through these words?”

The door opened before I reached it, and my sister-in-law entered.  Anxiety cloaked her ashen face, and her voice quivered when she spoke. “Lee, you have to get Jenn’s medical card and come with me.  A horse fell on her, and she has to get to a hospital.  Stacy is already on his way to the pasture.”

In one moment, our present reality and upcoming plans were turned inside out and upside down.  A cataclysmic gasp exhaled from my lungs, and time paused for a brief, divine moment.  God’s hand on my shoulder seemed so tangible as he whispered to my soul, “This is what I was preparing you for, Lee.  My divine power.  Has given you everything you need.  For right now.  In this moment.”

Time sped up as I grabbed the needed documents and stumbled out the door.  Tortuous thoughts tumbled through my mind as I imagined the effects of a 1,200-pound animal landing on Jenn.  How had a peaceful morning of horseback riding and checking on newborn calves ended like this? 

Arriving at the pasture, my husband and his sister worked to get Jenn stabilized in the pickup, and we began the long journey to town.  Thankfully, Jenn was alive and coherent but was suffering from a lot of pain in her hip area.  As I gripped her hand, God’s promise continued to accompany the tears that trailed down my face.

My divine power has given you everything you need.

Arriving at the hospital, nurses wheeled Jenn through an X-ray and CT scan.  The results showed she had six breaks in her pelvis.  Surgery was likely needed, so arrangements were made to airlift her to a hospital a thousand miles away.  As she was prepped, Jenn gripped my hand and whispered, “Mom, I don’t want surgery.”  Long minutes passed.  Finally, the doctor came in with a report that we were not expecting.  Two specialists examined the scans, and both determined that she would not need surgery since the fractures were stable.  Upon hearing that news, Jenn smiled and said, “God answered my request.”

As we continued to wade through the plethora of the unknown, God’s promise was condensed to a shorthand version through which he breathed peace into the uncertainty we faced.

Everything you need.

Days later, we returned home with a smiling patient and a pickup filled with a wheelchair, walker, and crutches.  An arduous road to recovery stretched out before us. Yet, God continued to remind us of his steadfast promise that had anchored us as we navigated through the unexpected, terrifying circumstances which had fragmented our lives. 

My divine power has given you everything you need.  Right here.  Right now.

As we face the events of these days, my prayer is that our Good Shepherd would anchor your soul, protect your heart, and undergird your thoughts with the steadfast truth of his unshakeable promise.

His divine power has given us everything we need. 

Right here.  Right now. 

In the unknown.  In the uncertainty.

You can count on his promise.

His divine power has given us everything we need. 

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