The Next Step (Dead End Paths: Part 6)

“Go forward!”

These were the words that God commanded Moses to tell the people of Israel (Exodus 14:15).  They were to go forward on the path that God was going to make for their deliverance…

A path never before seen!

A path that was impossible by human hands!

A path that would require a measure of courage and complete trust in the hand of God to hold vertical walls of water upright!

But a path that was dry so that that their feet could move freely and quickly so that they would not become entangled and stuck in it!

Can you imagine what it must have been like to see that path appear with a wall of water on the right and a wall of water on the left and then be told that you needed to move forward and walk on it…

Right into the heart of the sea?!

I have often wondered if the Israelites would have moved forward so swiftly if their enemies had not been right behind them.  If given the opportunity of time – when they saw the path that God had set before them to walk on – what would they have done?

  • Stared in disbelief at the walls of water and the path set before them and then said, “That’s impossible! If we walk on that path, we will surely be destroyed!”
  • Tried to negotiate a safer way – like a boat – that would still take them in the same direction God was showing them to go…
  • Tried to find an alternative route that would eventually bring them to the Promised Land
  • Decide that moving forward God’s way on God’s path was too dangerous and too difficult, so instead of risking all to obey, it would be much safer to just return…to go back to Egypt and what they knew – even if it was slavery.

God’s direction brought them to a dead end path that by all appearances became a trap that would lead to their disaster when the Egyptians showed up…

Yet, God used all these – a dead end path, a trap, the Egyptians – to move His people forward on the path He set before them…

A path that without these elements they may not have been so eager to move forward on.

A path that was going to move them forward from what was to that which God had planned for them.

A path of new beginnings.

A path that would require a heart of faith and trust in Him – and the help of a dead end path – to walk on.


Father God, there are times that You have for me to walk on are not easy.  In fact, sometimes the steps that You set before me are very difficult, overwhelming and the paths seem impossible.  It takes courage to move forward instead going back to my old way of life…the way things used to be…that with which I am comfortable and familiar.  And honestly, God, I know that sometimes I try to negotiate what seems to be a safer, more logical way or I try to find an alternative route.  God, please grant me ears to hear Your instructions, clear eyes to see Your path, a discerning mind to understand Your way, a courageous heart to trust You and willing feet to obey and follow wherever You lead me…even if the path seems impossible and is one I have never walked on before.  Thank-you that You are always with me.  Amen.

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