Whether I Am Soaring, Running, or Walking, His Strength Is There

One day as the plane I was on was gradually descending out of the clouds, I looked out the window at the ground below.  The mountains that were disappearing in the distance were being replaced with rolling hills.  As our flight drew closer to the ground I saw a pickup truck churning up clouds of dust as it raced down a dirt road.  Small farms dotted the horizon and in the distance a town came into focus.  In those places, people would be walking about completing their tasks for the day.

As I leaned back in my chair preparing for our final descent, Isaiah 40:31 came to my mind.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles.

They will run and not grow weary.

They will walk and not be faint.

As I reflected on these words, I realized that in my life there are times when I am soaring – much like the plane I was on – over certain valleys and mountains of life.  Other times I am on the ground in the middle of the situation, but God’s purpose is for me to run through it – much like the truck barreling down the road.  Still, there are other circumstances that I face, where God’s intention is for me to walk, experiencing and feeling every bump and hollow.  The time in these places does not go quickly.  As much as I might desire to soar through these trials or run quickly through them, God’s will for me is to put one foot in front of the other as I follow Him through these valleys.

I am thankful that whether I am flying, running or walking His promise found in Isaiah 40:31 is true.

As I wait for Him, He will renew my strength.

This means that when His intention for me is to fly, His strength lifts me up and enables me to soar like an eagle.  I have noticed that eagles don’t spend a lot of time frantically flapping their wings trying to gain height.  They just seem to spread their wings and let the wind currents lift them up.

When God’s purpose for me is to run, His strength enables me to run and keep on running without becoming weary.  As I keep my eyes focused on Him, my endurance grows so that I can run with perseverance in the situation that at that point in my life is within His will for me.

When it is within God’s plan that I walk through a particular valley, He is right there with me, strengthening me with His strength so that I can walk and keep on walking…

Without fainting.

The key to all three is learning to put my hope in the Lord as I learn to wait for His timing and His plans to be unfolded.  It is learning to exchange my strength for His strength, and in doing so humbling myself and being obedient to His purposes for me.  Hoping in the Lord isn’t about maneuvering or manipulating or bargaining my way into or out of situations.  It is about learning to place the full weight of my trust on Him and in Him.  It is about acknowledging His sovereignty and then relying on Him to sustain me as I do what He has set before me to do.  When I do this, I will find that His strength – the same power He exercised when He raised Jesus from the dead, conquering sin and death – becomes the strength in which He equips and enables me…

To soar on wings like eagles wings…

To run and not grow weary…

To walk and not be faint.

Lord, whether I am soaring, running or walking, teach me to wait for You, to put my hope in You, and to trust in You.  Thank-you for Your promise that I as do this You will renew my strength so that I can soar on wings like eagles.  I can run and not be weary.  I can walk and not faint.  Help me to wait for you today.  Amen.