A Way In the Wilderness

There are some evenings of summer that seem to be especially created for relaxing ride on the back of a horse. 

I enjoy being able to saddle up my horse and, for a few hours, get into the quiet of the outdoors. There is something about being in the wilderness and the beauty of creation that helps to bring life into perspective. The pressures and deadlines that hound me take a backseat as I meander along the green hills and witness the goodness of God and the provisions He provides.

When I see a doe nibbling bites of green grass as her two fawns frolic a few feet, or a bee flitting from one blossom to the next, or a beaver propelling a log through the water to make his winter home, I am reminded that day by day God gives them what they need. Long before the grass, the flower, or the log were needed, God had a plan to ensure that the provisions would be available when needed. The deer did not worry if there would be enough grass. The bee did not fret if the blossom would be sweet enough. The beaver was not concerned if the log would be the right size or that he would have a stream to build his beaver dam in.

These truths encourage me and give me hope for when I face the pressures and deadlines in my life through the lens of God’s goodness they no longer seem impossible or insurmountable. Instead, I am reminded that if God, in His goodness, He makes a way In the wilderness and provides for the creatures of the forest, how much more will He provide for me? 

He has a plan for me – a plan of good and not evil. A plan that is one of hope and a future. And when the time is right He will provide what I need – not a moment too soon or too late, but at just the right time – for that is what He has promised to do!

For my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19 (NIV)