You Kept My Feet From Slipping Off the Cliff!

“Lee, grab my hand!”

The words that were frantically shouted at me barely registered as the racing beats of my frantic heart thundered in my ears.  The small cleft of dirt that I was standing on was dwindling away at an alarming rate.

Our hike in the river hills had taken a dangerous turn.  We had been navigating a trail down to the river, but our trail had ended abruptly, and in a matter of seconds I would be freefalling through about four hundred feet of air and landing on a pile of rocks and trees that were at the bottom of the cliff that we were standing on.

I tore my gaze away from my sure doom and looked into the eyes of my husband who was beside me.

His eyes were filled with an earnest plea as he stretched out his hand and desperately repeated…

“Lee, grab my hand!”

I glanced at the small piece of dirt that was holding him up.  It was not much bigger than the one I had been standing on…

How could it hold him and me?

But, as the last of the dirt that was under my feet fell away, I felt myself slipping…

I was falling…

And there was nothing I could do to save myself.

Except to reach out to the hand that was reaching for me!

And so I reached out my hand…

And he caught my fingers!

And somehow propelled me in an arc through the air around him.

I was flying!


And I landed on a small outcropping of dirt, not much wider than the width of one of my feet.

Yet, somehow it held me up!

As we took a few seconds to catch our faltering breath I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh.  I think I did a little of both!  Needless to say, we didn’t stay there too long, but quickly made our way out of that area and found another way to the river bottom:D

Reflecting back on that day, I still believe that God held us in His hand of protection…

Even though the dirt under my feet slipped away, He allowed my husband’s patch of dirt – and his feet – to stay firmly in place, so he could firmly anchor himself while I clung to his hand as I flew through the air around him.

That day, God kept our feet from slipping.

He preserved my life.

I was in a situation where I could not save myself.  No amount of physical strength or mental strategy on my part could save me.

I had to put the full weight of my trust in the hand that was holding me.

There are times when God’s paths for us will bring us into places where no amount of our strategy, wisdom, strength, wealth, friends, or family can save us.

And I think that He brings us to these places so that we learn to trust in Him more fully…

Because, here is the scary thing.

If I can fix something on my own…if I can maneuver out of my circumstances by my own efforts…by my own wisdom…by my own strategy…by my own strength…by my own resources…

I can slip into the mindset that I don’t need God or that without my strength and help, God just can’t get things done in time or in the right way.

And so, sometimes He removes all of our human abilities or sets up obstacles to block our reliance our abilities and efforts…

So that we come to the place where He is the only One left to turn to…

He calls out, “Grab my hand!”

And as we reach out and grab His hand, putting the full weight of our trust in Him…

We discover that He is faithful, that He is able, that His promises are true and He is mighty to save!

He is the anchor that holds fast when all around us is crumbling away.

He is the One who keeps our feet from slipping.

He is the One who preserves our lives.


August 8