Radiant Faces With No Shame

“There is only one step between me and death.”

These are the words that David spoke to his best friend, Jonathon, to describe King Saul’s true intentions towards David.

No longer the king’s hero, he was now the king’s hunted.

And the king seemed to be willing to go to any extent to kill David for he had planned a sinister plot to slay David during the New Moon Feast, during which time David would be expected to come and eat at the king’s own table.

But after having thwarted numerous attempts made on his life – all plotted by King Saul – David was nervous.

He was scared.

He truly did believe that there was only one step between him and death.

When Jonathon discovered what King Saul’s – who also happened to be his father – were, he told David that he needed to leave.  With some hastily spoken words, David found himself on the run…

For his life.

And so he fled to what he thought would be the least likely place that Saul would come looking for him…

He ran to Achish, King of Gath.  This was in Philistine territory, and the Philistines were direct enemies of the Israelites.

In fact, David himself had killed one of the Philistine champions named Goliath…

Who had come from Gath.

It is little wonder then, that when the Philistines discovered that David was hiding amongst them that they knew who he was!

And with this discovery, David found out that his plan to flee to the territory of his enemies…

While it may have seemed logical while he was on the run…

In reality, it had not been the wisest one he could have made.

And so he took drastic measures, acting like an insane madman in the presence of the king of Gath.  He left marks on the doors of the gate and let drool run down his beard.

Needless to say, he did not look like the mighty warrior that the Philistines thought he was, and he was able to get out of this lion’s den.

These are the events that David had experienced when he penned the words of Psalm 34.  This is a Psalm which lets us see into the heart and mind of David while he was in a place where he was truly afraid for there was only one step between him and death…a place which led him to make a not so wise decision…which brought him to another place of danger.

It was while he was in enemy territory that he called out to the Lord for help…

And the Lord heard him…

And the Lord saved him from his…



Crushed spirit.

David discovered that…

God redeems His children – even from those troublesome situations that are a direct result from bad choices that have been made.

God saves His children when decisions made with the counsel of fear instead of the wisdom of God.

God liberates His children from the anxious mind that is a result of multiplied fears.

God preserves His children from the dangers brought on them by others who have evil intentions.

God rescues His children from crushed spirits.

And this gave David reason to break forth in a joyous psalm of thanksgiving.  He didn’t try to hide what had happened…

In fact he said, “Let the afflicted hear and be glad!”

For he wanted those who were poor…weak…afflicted…depressed…brought low…broken hearted…crushed in spirit…troubled…hopeless…

To know that just God had been faithful to him, God would be faithful to them.

God will be faithful to you.

God will be faithful to me.

In fact, David could say with complete confidence that those who look to God are radiant and their faces are never covered in shame…

For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.

No shame