The Colors of a Hero’s Heart

Early one morn, before the break of dawn,

I woke from my sleep with barely a yawn.

Tumbling within the paths of my mind

Were many thoughts I just had to confine.


With a cup of tea and my journal beside,

I sat at the table, determined to find.

What is contained in the heart of a hero?

The answer to this question I wanted to know.


As I considered the heart of a hero,

I thought of the people I had come to know,

Each one was special and by their own lives,

Had become heroes to this heart of mine.


I thought of the ones who had helped me to grow

Who supplied my needs, and continually showed

By their words and deeds that they cherished me.

Unconditional love they gave to me.


I thought of the ones determined to give,

Who sacrificed with the lives that they lived.

With words of wisdom and acts of honor

To my life they gave a priceless treasure.


I thought of the ones that I did not know

Those who I passed by while on the go,

Courage they had to send a smile my way

At just the right time it brightened my day.


I thought of the ones who while young in years

With open ears God’s truth they did hear

With a heart of faith they chose to believe

Knowing He was faithful and they would receive.


I thought of the ones who through trials endured,

They did not give up, their way wasn’t secure,

With courage, bravery, noble hearts, and grace.

The hardships each day with dignity they faced.


I thought of the ones who stood fast in the gap

Though enemies advanced they did not fall back.

With valor and courage, they didn’t flee the fight,

Though they suffered much to do what was right.


I thought of the ones that I knew would be there

To come alongside and lend me their ear

Though divided by distance we could freely share

Openly, honestly, and without any fear.


As I pondered the thoughts of my musing mind,

I looked out the window and there I did find,

A rainbow brilliant, reflecting the light,

Against the dark clouds, it was a beautiful sight.


As I gazed at the hues that painted the sky.

A picture took shape within my mind’s eye.

The colors of the rainbow reflect the parts

That are woven within a hero’s heart.


Red is for those who love from the heart,

Always and forever, no matter what.

Orange is for those determined to give,

The treasure contained in the life that they live.


Yellow is for the ones unafraid to share,

The smiles that catch others unaware.

Green is for those who though young in years,

Have faith to believe in what cannot be seen.


Blue is for the hero with a noble heart

Who doesn’t give up though the way is hard.

Indigo is for the courage of those,

Who do what right tho’ it hurts them so.


Violet is for those with loyal hearts,

That help others carry life’s heavy parts.

Heroes are those who in their hearts treasure

And share these colors in their full measure.