Bumping Into Closed Doors (Lessons from Closed Doors)

I watched as our horses ran along the edge of the fence.  With their manes and tails stretched out behind them, they were indeed a beautiful sight:D

But, when they reached the corner of the fence, their race with the wind came to a screeching halt.

The gate that was before them was not open.  It was closed.  The path that they had thought they would take was not open for them to travel on.  They gazed over the fence for a few moments, and then with a flick of their tails, they spun around and headed…

In a different direction.

One closed gate was all it took to change the course of their path.

The book of Acts records the missionary journeys of Paul.  As an apostle of God, he had been given a mission by God to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles.

And so this is what he faithfully undertook to do.

Yet, in Acts 16:6 – 10, the Bible records that God had a very direct course for Paul and his fellow travelers to take.

And in order to direct their steps, God let them bump into closed doors.

After traveling through the regions of Phrygia and Galatia, they had thoughts of going up into the region of Asia…

However, this was not the direction that God wanted them to go.

So, they were prevented or forbidden by the Holy Spirit from going in that direction.

That door was closed to them.

Next they had the idea to go into a place called Bithynia…

And so they attempted to do so.

But once again, the Spirit of God did not permit them to go there.

That door was closed to them.

So, they continued on in a westerly direction and came to the port city of Troas.  There Paul had a vision of a man from Macedonia calling out to them to come and help the people there.  And so, immediately Paul and his companions sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that this was where the Lord had called them to go and preach the gospel.

This was the open door that God had for them to go through.

While God could have directed them to go to Macedonia right away after they had went through the regions of Phrygia and Galatia, He didn’t.  Before He showed them the open door that He had for them to go through, God let them bump into two closed doors.

God closed those two doors to direct Paul to the door that God had opened for him…

The door that would lead them to the city of Philippi.

In the hands of our all-knowing God, closed doors are not missed opportunities.  Rather, they are some of the tools that He uses to point our steps in the direction that He has for us to take so that we will find the open door that He has placed before us to walk through.

God has promised to direct our steps, and sometimes He uses closed doors to get us pointed in the direction that He wants us to take.