Help God, I Don’t Know What To Do!

Along this path of life you walk,

The many steps that you will take,

Have been ordered by the Lord,

A way for you He’ll surely make.


If you’re unsure of what to do,

Look up and fix your eyes on Him

Listen to His Words of truth,

And with hope, bind your heart to Him. 


And know the answer He’s prepared,

Won’t be too early or be delayed,

He’ll unfold His plan for you

In His good time and His own way.


When waiting for the Lord above,

Remember all His words are true,

Be strong, believe and then take heart

That He’ll complete His plan for you.


When you must take your steps of faith,

And you don’t know where they will end,

Do not fret, but trust and obey,

Leave to Him what’s around the bend.


When you’re troubled with a load,

That seems impossible to bear

Cast Your burden upon Him,

He’ll sustain you for He cares.


As your Shepherd guides your paths

Through vales of dark or pastures green,

The whispers of your heart He’ll hear, 

And faithful to you, He will forever be.