“It’s Beginning” Will Be the Cry!

One last breath He drew inside.

“It is finished,” His lonely cry,

With bleeding heart, He closed His eyes,

The Spotless Lamb, He gave His life.

For man, God’s Son was pierced that day.

His blood was shed to make a way

Sin’s debt was paid, the veil was torn,

That by faith we could be reborn.
There in the tomb, His body lay

The Giver of Life, He died that day

Placed in the ground, having paid the price

To make a way, to give us life.

By His blood we are set free

Forgiven, cleansed, we are redeemed

No condemnation in Him is found

The chains are broken, the soul unbound.
Oh, the wonder of that third day!

When angels rolled the stone away

An empty tomb, death overcome

The vict’ry won by the Savior’s love.

Hallelujah! How can it be?

That God would give His Son for me?

By wooden cross and empty grave

Eternal life is the gift He gave.
Now I am crowned with His great love,

An heir of God, my King above,

Clothed in white, in grace I stand,

At peace with God, held by His hand.

And then one day, He’ll call me home,
The trails of life I’ll no more roam,

My knee I’ll bow before His throne.

The face of God no more unknown.
“It’s beginning!” will be the cry,

Only pure joy will fill our eyes,

For God Himself will dwell with man,

He will complete salvation’s plan.

God’s glory there will be our light,

The Triumphant Lamb will claim His bride.

And through all ages His name we’ll praise

As He displays His glorious grace.
He is risen!


He is risen!


He is coming!


He is coming!