On Freedom’s Wings

Outside the bars of my prison cell,

I watched a bird dance in the wind.

Tendrils of her song pierced through my dark,

As she was raised high on freedom’s wings.

On freedom’s wings.


I raised up hands, weighted down with chains,

As tears of despair spilled down my face,

Waves of hopelessness welled up in me,

For condemned to die, I’d never be free.

I’d never be free.


As sunlight spilled into my dark cell,

I closed my eyes and breathed a prayer

That one would care to pay the price

To loose my chains, to set me free.

To set me free.


Into my cell the prison guard came,

He read the charges of all my sin.

My head hung down, shame clung to me,

For to pay sin’s price I had to die.

I had to die.


With handcuffed hands and shackled feet,

He led me to where my life would end,

Sin’s burden was too great that day,

I fell to my knees and there I cried.

And there I cried.


People crowded all around,

A few shed tears, while others mocked.

But no one helped, for none could pay

The debtor’s price for all my sin.

For all my sin.


And then I felt a gentle hand,

My burdened soul felt such relief,

I looked to see who would dare to come

To touch the one condemned to die.

Condemned to die.


There before me stood a Man,

Whose eyes were filled with endless love.

He knelt down there and said to me.

“I will go, I’ll pay the price.”

I’ll pay the price.


With cruel chains, they bound Him there,

His hands and feet were shackled down,

The guards grabbed hold, to drag him away,

To pay the debt for all my sin.

For all my sin.


A ragged cry spilled from my mouth,

With outstretched hands, I reached for Him,

“Why would you be bound for all my sin?”

“Why would you choose to die for me?”

To die for me?


These words of love He spoke that day,

“Your life is precious in my sight,”

“I pay the price, to make a way,

To give you hope, to give you life.

To give you life.


Ripped torn flesh, a trail of tears,

A crown of thorns and nail pierced hands,

A wooden cross, the debtor’s price

In my place, He died for me.

He died for me.


As evening came, they speared His side,

Blood and water spilled to the ground,

Off of the cross, they took Him down,

And placed Him in a cold, dark tomb.

A cold, dark tomb.


On the third day, before the dawn,

A lightning ray shone from the tomb,

And there He stood, alive and free

He defeated death and the grave.

And the grave.


Before His feet, I knelt that day

By His own death, my debt was paid,

And by His life, I am set free,

I’m forgiven, cleansed, I am redeemed.

I am redeemed.


Now my life is not my own,

Yet, I am free within His love,

My heart can sing, my soul is free,

He lifts me up on freedom’s wings.

On freedom’s wings.

On freedom's wings