Our kitten was warming herself in the afternoon sun. Curious as to how easily she could be distracted, I placed a bundle of yarn before her. Within seconds, our playful cat was sidetracked…pouncing, tackling and getting tangled in the yarn.

Do you find it easy to become distracted when you want to spend time with God? A text comes in, the phone rings, friends come over. The types of distractions may vary, but the result is the same. Our attention is diverted, we become sidetracked and the day can slip by without us even opening our Bible and praying.
How can we find time to spend with God in our busy days without being distracted?

 In Mark 1:35 Jesus gives us an example to follow. It says, ““Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

Jesus had a plan. He chose a specific time of day and a specific place to spend time with God.

Jesus got up and left. Jesus put His plan into action. He got up early and left the house.

Jesus went off and prayed. Jesus left the distractions behind and went off to a solitary place…a quiet place…a place without distractions…a deserted place so He could pray.

How can these steps translate into practical steps for us?

Make a plan. Choose a time of the day and spot where you can minimize the distractions.

Get up and leave the distractions behind…or shut them off! Distractions can come in various shapes and sizes. Sometimes what distracts us is even a good thing…but if it takes away from spending time with my Heavenly Father, it has moved from the realm of “good” to that of “distraction”. 

 I remember one time I was getting ready for a trip that we were taking. I wanted everything to be ready to go, but I still had not spent time with God that day. Finally, I was cutting up celery sticks to take along, and I could almost feel the shoulder tap of God…

“Seriously…you are giving up time to spend with Me so you can chop celery?”

Put in those terms I knew what I should do. I laughed sheepishly, put my knife down and went to spend time with Him.  

Go off and pray. Don’t keep on being distracted. Put your plan into action. Remember what you are moving towards…Spending time with God.

Jesus was intentional about spending time with God. Should I be any different?