Argh!!!  Ummm??? Hmmm… Ahhh:)

Have you ever had those days when it seems like anything that can go wrong will?  And then unexpected problems jump up and rattle the little sanity that you have left.

And a person has to wonder…

Am I on the right path?  After all, if I was it shouldn’t be this difficult should it?

We all face troubles.

And often we will dig in and keep on going.

But there are times…

As the fiery trials continue and we begin to look like a roasted chicken…



As the troubles seem to exponentially become greater until there are so many we cannot keep count…


Perhaps we find ourselves facing both situations…

Many fiery trials and exponentially growing troubles.

We may begin to look at escape avenues…

For it can be very tempting turn the other way and…


Question if I am even on the right path that God has for me.

For example, many years ago, a desire began to take root in my heart and mind.  After spending much time in prayer and asking God for direction, we purchased our first stallion and began breeding horses.

I waited in eager anticipation for the first foals to be born…

Only to have a complete disaster.

Two foals were born during the same night.  The first one was stolen by another mare who had no milk to feed it.  The new mother who lost her foal promptly took over mothering the second foal.  We got the chaos sorted out, but in the end one of the mothers refused to take her foal back, and although we did all we could to help it, we lost that colt.

After that fiasco, I was ready to geld our stallion, and stick to riding horses.

But we decided to stick it out another year…

The second year, resulted in much the same scenario.  Only this time two mares decided to share the same foal…

Determined to not have a repeat of the previous year, I moved the adopted mother into another fence.  But, within a short period of time, we lost the real mother – one of our favorite mares – due to complications related to her foaling.  If you want to read more of this story, you can find it at “When One Falls…God Cares“.  It has a miraculous ending:D


After two years of foaling horses, full of trouble, and loss of horses, I seriously questioned if we were on the path that God had set before us to take.

But do you know what I learned?

Difficulties piled on top of difficulties does not necessarily mean that you or I are on the wrong path.

Take David…

He was anointed as king when he was still a shepherd boy, yet his path to becoming king was anything but easy.  At first he had the favor of the king and he was admired by the people…after all he was the giant slayer.  But as his popularity grew, he favor with the king lessened.  Falsely accused, he ended up on the run for his life for several years.  Hunted by King Saul his path to kingship was anything but peaceful.

And it bothered him.  Many of the Psalms depict the trouble in his soul…but when he brought his trouble before God, he was strengthened and received the courage to continue to move forward one day at a time…

Until the time God determined that was for him to become king.

By the time this happened, he had learned some valuable lessons about leading people and relying on God in the face of trouble.  His trust in God had matured.  He had grown up.

The path of difficult trials he face and endured prepared him for the job God had for him to do.


Or take Joseph.

He was favored by his father and given dreams by God that one day his brothers would bow down to him.  In the end, these two factors resulted in jealously so strong in his brothers that they sold him into slavery.


Um…weren’t they supposed to be the ones bowing to him?

A slave he became…a trusted one…given charge of the operating of his master’s house.  Yet, while he was diligently carrying out his duties and serving Potiphar, he was falsely accused and thrown into prison, where he was forgotten by everyone.

Except God.

In the midst of all the difficulties, God was training him and purifying him, so that when it came time for him to step into the position of authority that Pharaoh gave Joseph, he was ready for the job.

In fact, Joseph’s view was that actions his brothers took in selling him into slavery was the very avenue or path by which God was sending him ahead of them to prepare a way for them and to save their lives by a great deliverance (Genesis 45:3 – 8).  What they meant to be evil against Joseph, God meant for good in order to save many people (Genesis 50:19, 20).


God knows the plans He has for us…He will be sure to direct us on them…and work all things together for our good and His glory.


When you find yourself in fiery circumstances and multiplying troubles, don’t give up.  Pause and pray.  Ask God for His wisdom to know His will and His direction for your life.  He will show you, for He has promised to direct your steps as you trust Him with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, and acknowledge Him in all your ways.

Let God be the director of your steps.  Don’t let the difficulties be what turn you away from the very path that He may have set before you.  Those difficulties that you are facing may be the very tool that God is using to prepare you for the work He has for you in the future…

Work that at this moment you are not ready to do, but after going through the school of trials, you will be prepared for.

“Be strong and of good courage and do it;

do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God – my God – will be with you.

He will not fail you nor forsake you…”

2. Chronicles 28:20