From Strength to Strength

imageAs I read these verses I was thinking of the word pilgrimage.  As followers of Jesus, this world is not our home.  As His pilgrims, we are journeying through this life, and we need to do so in the strength that is ours in the Lord.  When we do this we go from strength to strength.

Even in the Valley of Baca.

Do you know what the Valley of Baca is?  I didn’t:)  So, I would like to share what I learns from Warren Weirsbe in the Weirsbe Bible Commentary.

“Baca” is a Hebrew word meaning “balsam tree”, and the sap of this tree oozes like tears.  The “Valley of Baca” is a name for any difficult and painful place in life, where everything seems hopeless and you feel helpless, like “the pit of despair”. The people who love God expect to pass through this valley and not remain there.  They get a blessing from the experience and leave a blessing behind.  Like Abraham and Isaac they dig a well.  Like Samuel and Elijah they pray down rain.  It’s wonderful to receive a blessing but it’s even greater to be a blessing and transform a desert into a garden.

As we place our faith in our Father, trusting He will enable, equip and provide our daily needs as we move forward one day at a time, we will go from strength to strength.  In His strength we can travel through our “Valley of Baca” and make it a place of springs.

In Him, we can leave a blessing that will help transform the wilderness desert into a garden, so that others will be encouraged when they go through their Valley of Baca.