What’s That Smell?

Bible Verse:  Matthew 5:14 – 16

Horses have a unique way of showing when there is a scent in the air they may not like.  With a turn of a lip and outstretched neck their displeasure is easily seen.  This expression greets me when I attempt to approach horses with an object that smells offensive to them.  They can be repelled by the odor to the point that they will not let me near.

On the other hand, when I have a pocketful of oats they are easily drawn to me, and continue to nuzzle my pockets long after the oats have been eaten.  The aroma of the oats is a pleasing scent to them.

When horses respond to me in these ways, I am reminded that I, and my actions, leave a scent in the air.

Am I an aroma, like that of warm, chocolate-chip cookies fresh out of the oven, which draws people in?


Am I a stench, like that of a skunk, which causes people to frantically flee?

My actions – good or bad – are seen and “smelled”.  In Matthew 5 Jesus reminds us that when others see our good deeds they will be drawn to glorify our Father in heaven.  The inverse is also true.  If my actions cause a stench they will not draw others to glorify God.


Cookie or skunk?  What kind of scent are you leaving behind?  What changes could improve your aroma so others will be drawn to glorify God instead of being pushed away?