Cup of Sand

Bible Verse:  Psalm 63:1 – 5

As I sprinted the final meters of my morning run, my mind pictured the tall, cool glass that awaited me.  Hot and thirsty, there was only one thing that would satisfy my thirst.

A tall, thirst-quenching cup of….


It sounds foolish to attempt to quench thirst with a cup of sand, and definitely not like something you or I would ever try.

Or do we?

I know I have and do.  Any time I attempt to quench the thirst of my soul – that longing to be accepted and loved – with anything other than the love God gives, it is like having a cup of full of sand when I am thirsty.  It does not satisfy.

Have you ever tried to be the smartest?  The best-looking?  The skinniest?  The most athletic?  The funniest?

The list of actions that we might take to be noticed, accepted, and loved is endless.

These actions could bring reactions from others that may seem to satisfy us for a period of time.  But then, when someone else does better than us, or gets noticed instead of us, we get jealous, discouraged and discontented.  Our efforts have amounted to nothing more than using a cup of sand to quench our thirst.

Our longings are not satisfied.

Psalm 63:3, 5 reveals there is only one cup that will satisfy.  “Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You…I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods.”

What’s in your cup?