Welcome Here!

Hello! My name is J. H. Lee. I welcome you here and invite you to join me as I discover the mystery of adventure. Some mysteries are adventures to be embraced, others are problems to be fixed, and some are puzzles to be solved.

Some mysteries, like that of faith, we step into without knowing the entire solution, having all the pieces, or even knowing the final destination or outcome.

It’s not easy! While mysteries can be exciting and good, other times they are overwhelming, confusing, scary, and painful.

As I spend time with horses, I am learning that part of the mystery of faith is about embracing the adventure of relationship as we learn to know, to love, and to trust each othere.

Yet, the mystery of faith is more about embracing the adventure of a relationship than having all the answers. It is about knowing, loving, and trusting Jesus, the One who loves me without reservation as we walk together.

In this space, it is my hope to share some of these mysteries, adventures and messes as we journey together…

Along this trail.